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August 1, 2018 -New Jersey Monthly Magazine, The 30 Best Restaurants of 2018 - "For riotous richness, it’s hard to beat his [Chef Shawn’s] shrimp and chorizo risotto, pomegranate-molasses braised short rib, or Moroccan orange tagine with eggplant relish—which, by the way, surrenders nothing for being vegetarian."

August 1, 2017 -New Jersey Monthly Magazine, The 25 Best Restaurants of 2017 - "The hallmark of his New American cooking is less the number of components on the plate than that each is there for a reason and contributes to the dizzying pleasure of the whole.What Dalziel, 47, produces, in short, are thoughtful forkfuls in every course."

November 25, 2016 Inside Jersey 30 Best Meals: Top N.J. places to dine for special occassions - "You will discover that carrot soup is remarkable sexy and that scallops are not the prissy creatures most chefs envision. You will be surprised by the stark difference in attitude, a West Coast approach toward food, which translates as blithe, sunny, vivacious."

September 12, 2016 Time Out New YorkThe Best Montclair Restaurants - "The taste bud–delighting experience starts the moment the bread reaches the table and doesn’t quit until you’ve had your fill of appetizers like lobster bisque and entrees like the pomegranate molasses short rib or wild mushroom risotto."   Rating: #1

August 1, 2016 New Jersey Monthly MagazineThe 25 Best Restaurants of 2016 - "If subtlety is one thing and intensity another, how does chef Shawn Dalziel get them to cohabit so rewardingly? The answer involves balance and attention to detail. Scallops with a chestnut purée sauce? Another triumph, and a revealing one. White wine and lemon juice brighten the chestnuts’ earthiness. Still, the creamy, umami-rich chestnut proves a marvelous partner for the subtle scallop. The dish becomes a sonnet of close harmonies." 

June 21, 2016 - Inside Jersey MagazineMontclair's Laurel & Sage wows with spirited cuisine, gracious service - "The concept is is fine dining disguised as casual. West Coast meets East Coast, with vibrant results... Long Island duck is served in a cast-iron skillet - for 12 minutes, Dalziel is certain to tell you - to be sure all the fat is rendered. the sauce is bone sauce fortified with Madeira. The duck is served with foie gras.  Extravagant, right? Then, for fun, a bowl of crisp fries, made of root vegetables." 

February 1, 2016New Jersey Monthly Magazine, 30 Best New Restaurants - "We wanted to meet and even exceed people’s expectations,” says Dalziel, who may have done just that with a refreshed look, attentive service and highly accomplished New American food.  His flavors and textures are bold, balanced and gratifying.

January 23, 2016The New York Times, Review: Laurel & Sage in Montclair Takes A Global Approach - Mr. Dalziel, 45, who runs the kitchen, is a native of Malibu, Calif.  He brought along his own roster of ambitious dishes and inventive techniques, having worked for nearly two decades in restaurants in San Francisco, New York City and more recently, Montclair.  He described his mission as "globally inspired, locally sourced cuisine."  Rating: Excellent

October 16, 2015The Star LedgerAn auspicious beginning at Laurel & Sage in Montclair - This is why you go to restaurants. This is why classical culinary training — a thorough knowledge of sauces and technique — matters.  It's a fairytale world at Laurel & Sage, and the seductions are many. 

October 6, 2015NJ MonthlyCru vs. Brew 2015: Who’s Side Are You On? -  A five-course collaborative pairing dinner will showcase the culinary skills of five of New Jersey’s top chefs.

March 11, 2015BaristanetLaurel & Sage, a Modern American Restaurant, to Open in Montclair Tonight -  Laurel & Sage (located at 33 Walnut Street) will offer, what Dalziel told Baristanet will be a “globally inspired and locally sourced” seasonal menu.